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Who needs Life Insurance?

  • Review your particular insurance needs and circumstances. Choose the kind of policy and life insurance quotes with benefits that most closely fit your needs. Ask an agent or company to help you.
  • Be sure that the premiums are within your ability to pay. Don't look only at the initial premiums, but take account of any later premium increase
  • Ask about comparison index numbers and check several companies which offer similar policies. Remember, smaller index numbers generally represent a better buy when using the Net Payment Cost Comparison Indexes. But larger index numbers generally represent a better buy when using the Life Insurance Yield Comparison Indexes.
  • Don't buy Life insurance unless you intend to stick with it. It can be very costly if you quit during the early years of the policy.
  • Read your policy carefully. Ask your agent or company about anything that is not clear to you.
  • Review your life insurance program with your agent or company every few years to keep up with changes in your income and your needs.

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